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65 miles NEW border wall announced in RGV Sector!!
65 miles update RGV 2019.10.05.png

CBP recently announced a new MASSIVE project to build 65 miles additional border wall in South Texas, also know as the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector. What makes this special is that this is ALL NEW border wall, not just replacement wall! Even though we all know most of the replacement wall is essentially new wall, this is exciting because now the Fake News can’t even try and spin this!

I already anticipated this announcement because CBP had put out a request for additional border wall a few months back, so this was already captured on my map! You can see this new wall as blue lines in the RGV sector, as shown in the picture above. I will wait until CBP puts out their “Requests for Input” before making my final tweaks to this line but it is essentially what they will be building. I say essentially because they will have to go through reviews with the local communities as well as other environmental and regulatory sign offs and they may need to change the design before actually breaking ground.

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