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Under Construction:

RGV Wall #1



The Rio Grande Valley Sector, or RGV, covers 34,000 square miles including 315 border miles.

The Rio Grande Valley Sector is the busiest sector in the nation and fiscal year to date accounts for more than 40% of the illegal immigrant apprehensions and more than 43% of the seized marijuana in the southwest border. Although the Rio Grande Valley accounts for a large percentage of the southwest border illegal alien apprehensions and narcotic seizures, the majority of its activity is occurring in areas where RGV has limited infrastructure, access and mobility, and technology.

In order to achieve operational control of the border, CBP uses multiple tools and techniques to accomplish their mission.



Tucson Wall #1


CBP is working to replace up to approximately 63 miles of pedestrian fencing and vehicle barrier
with new bollard wall in Pima and Cochise Counties, Arizona. The project also includes the
improvement or construction of roads, installation of lighting, and installation of other detection